Three crucial lessons from a veteran mom-and-pop game studio

It only feels like a short time ago that we published an article detailing the major lessons we learned while working on a new game and releasing new versions of previous ones last year.

Launched a new game (everywhere)

Released seriously sweet physical editions with Limited Run Games

Lesson #1: Stand on the shoulders of giants

Lesson #2: Sim-shipping is not always the answer

Many times we hear developers being told that they should simultaneously ship their game on as many platforms as possible to maximize interest, press attention and (subsequently, the theory goes) sales. We can’t speak for anyone else, but for us we’ve not found this to be the best approach.

Worse Than Death — first week sales comparison (units)

Lesson #3: You gotta grow up sometime

Even Godzilla knows you need to adapt

Game developer (Home, Alone With You, Worse Than Death) and game design educator at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada.

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